Friday, 2 December 2011

Chocolate Christmas Tree

Christmas is only just around the corner so to mark the start of December I decided I better start getting in the festive spirit and do some Christmas cooking. This chocolate Christmas tree is one that we have been making for years in my house and its lots of fun to make!! It looks so pretty and is a really nice thing to do with kids and get them involved in the Christmas spirit too. The main thing to do is here is to make sure you leave each layer to set completely until you try move them, as believe me there will be tears if there are breakages!!

All you need is to make this is:
300g good quality milk chocolate
150g rice krispies
some icing sugar for dusting

First draw out your X shaped templates on some parchment or baking paper. You will need about 9 X's of different sizes so what I did was I measured the size of my cake stand, to check what size the biggest X needed to be, and then I worked from biggest to smallest. If you have a round cardboard cake base that would work perfect here too instead of a cake stand. Measure the diameter of the base and away you go.

If you want an extra large tree make these layers as big as you want!!

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pot of simmering water. Add the rice krispies and stir to thoroughly combine. Using a teaspoon, place the rice krispie mix, about 2 inches wide, on each X template. Place carefully in the fridge to set.

When all the layers are set, melt a little extra chocolate and place a blob in the middle of each X. Layer the X's from biggest at the bottom to smallest at the top, rotating each layer until you have a lovely Christmas tree shape! Dust with some icing sugar for a snowy look! :-)

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