Friday, 16 December 2011

Lemon & Herby Roast Chicken, Honey & Thyme Roasted Carrots and Perfect Roast Potatoes

Prep: 20 minutes Serves: 6 Cook: 20 minutes per 500g chicken - 1hr -1hr 15 for 1.5 kg chicken

Roast chicken
1.5 kg free range chicken
30g butter
5-6 sprigs mixed herbs, rosemary, thyme, basil & parsley
3 garlic cloves crushed
salt & pepper
zest of 1 lemon
1 lemon halved
2-3 extra garlic cloves, whole
drizzle with olive oil

Preheat the oven to 190C fan.

Rinse the chicken with cold water inside and out and pat dry with paper towels.

Season the cavity with salt and pepper and stuff with the lemon, a few springs of herbs and the whole garlic cloves.

Chop the rest of the herbs finely. Mash the herbs, garlic, lemon zest and butter together into a paste.

Gently lift the skin of the chicken with your fingers, working from the leg end towards the breast. Rub the butter and herb paste under the skin of the chicken, gently massaging it into the meat.

Season the skin with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and drizzle with olive oil. 

Place in a roasting tray, breast side up, and roast in the oven for 1 to 1 and a half hours. Baste the chicken with the juices every 20 minutes and rotate the chicken to make sure it gets evenly crisp.

Remove from the oven, cover with tin foil and leave to rest for 10 minutes before carving. 

Honey & thyme roasted carrots
450g carrots
1 tbsp oil
2 tbsp honey
3 sprigs thyme
coarse salt & freshly ground black pepper

Peel and cut the carrots into large chunks.

Place in a roasting tray with the a drizzle of oil, the honey, thyme, salt and pepper and mix to coat.

Roast in the oven at 190C for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and toss gently. Return to the oven and cook for a further 20 minutes.

Perfect roast potatoes
1.5 kg Maris Piper or Rooster potatoes
goose fat or olive oil
sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

Place a roasting tray with fat in it in the oven while it preheats. (Goose fat gives the most incredible flavour but just olive oil will do perfect here also).

Peel and chop the potatoes into even sized pieces. Place in a pot of boiling water, just enough to cover, and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

Drain the water and with the lid on, shake the potatoes around in the pot to fluff them up.

Remove the hot roasting tray from the oven and place on the hob. With a long handled spoon, lower the part boiled potatoes into the tray and baste each one so they are completed coated in fat. Season well with salt and pepper.

Place on the highest shelf in the oven and cook for 40-50 minutes until crisp and golden. Sprinkle with some extra sea salt just before serving.

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